New Video – “Six Powerful Strategies…”

I had a wonderful experience presenting a 60-minute webinar on June 15th called “Six Powerful Strategies to Create High-Impact Training.”  Some of the information I shared in that webinar was fairly standard within the training world (but IMPORTANT reminders). A few of the strategies were, in my humble opinion, unique and have a huge potential to transform run-of-the-mill training programs into high-impact learning experiences.

Three of the key learning strategies that I taught were:

  • Start the design process with Outcomes, not Content. This one isn’t all that unique, but it is difficult for most of us to do because we want to rush through the design process. Of course, when we rush, we miss a golden opportunity to identify desired outcomes that then allow us to make strategic decisions that ultimately benefit the learners and the organization.
  • Vary the level of Productive Tension that the learners experience during the training program. This strategy is all about strategically shifting the learners’ energy levels for the purpose of maintaining their interest. This is one of those strategies you don’t hear much about when we talk about instructional design and training, but it’s a biggie!
  • Follow the natural learning cycle when designing and sequencing activities. This is another strategy that isn’t mentioned often, but it really makes sense. That is, when you pay attention to the needs of your learners and you strategically sequence a set of activities that is in alignment with how they learn, you are making the learning process more powerful (and easier) for them.
If you want to learn more about the above strategies and be introduced to the other three strategies, I invite you to watch my two-part video series where I talk in-depth about each of the six strategies. It’s totally free and, if you have an interest in designing training, it will be worth your while. Just click on the image below.
If you have any questions, you can reach me through my website at Enjoy!

About Paul

I help businesses of all sizes design and facilitate high-impact training for their employees, clients, and prospects.
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