Six Powerful Strategies to Create High-Impact Training

High-impact training not only deeply engages trainees and has them using their new knowledge and skills well beyond the confines of the training event, but it also has a positive organizational impact, including:

  • Increased profitability
  • Reduced expenses
  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Greater workforce retention
  • Greater employee confidence
  • Improved relationships and communication

So, what’s the secret behind creating high-impact training? It’s “high-octane” design!

High-octane design includes six core strategies:

  1. Outcomes that generate alignment while designing the training program
  2. Content that is organized, relevant, and memorable
  3. Tension that is motivating and productive
  4. Activities that engage, inform, and build skills
  5. Natural Learning Cycle that leverages how people learn
  6. Environment that fosters learning and on-the-job application

Just imagine that you design your next training program (workshop, teleclass, webinar, self-study-program, or even a presentation) with those high-octane strategies.

Just image that your training starts with clear and distinct outcomes.

And imagine that those outcomes inspire the content you include and the activities you facilitate.

And imagine that you include an optimal level of tension – actually, what I call “productive tension” – and incorporate the natural learning cycle so that the learning experience feels organic and natural to everyone.

Then imagine that the learning environment AND the workplace environment encourage and foster learning is engaging and effective, and supports the transfer of the classroom experience to the workplace.

What would be different? What becomes possible? What kind of impact will you have?

If you implement JUST ONE of the strategies, your training efforts are sure to take off. Now imagine implementing all six!

Join Paul Plamondon on June 15 from 11 am – noon (Pacific Time) for a  complimentary webinar that will give you even more insights about these six high-octane strategies for creating high-impact training and enhancing workplace productivity, profitability, and retention. For details, go to…

About Paul

I help businesses of all sizes design and facilitate high-impact training for their employees, clients, and prospects.
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